Be yourself.

8:17. Drinking my morning coffee. The one I got yesterday from one of my client. Actually she is not only client, we met few years ago and we became really good friends. We don’t meet often, but when we do, the energy is just so amazing. We smile, we hug and we can feel each other. The coffee she gave me it’s We are little’s. On it’s packaging it writes: “A cup of coffee should make you happy. It’s that moment in the day to look forward to and savour….” And that is what life is about. It’s about the little things making us happy. ♡

Yesterday it was a beautiful sunny day and I had two amazing photoshootings. The sun was shining, golden light was shining through the colorful leaves and it reflected on my camera, turning into glitter and the smiling faces just made it more perfect. This is what I love at my work. Lifestyle photography. People smiling. And people being themselves. Without wearing a mask of who would they want to be. Did you ever try that – to be just yourself? To feel who you really are? And not pretend who you want to be?

beautiful_00It is always easy with animals, they don’t pretend. They just are. Just as they are. That is probably also the reason why this is absolutely my favorite photography. Just being there and catching those spontaneous, authentic moments. People often wear mask of who they want to be and forget on who they really are. We need to listen to our inner self more and allow to be who we are. As a photographer I can feel the energy of people and I can say you can feel the energy on the photos too. And it is always so easy with people who don’t pretend. Their energy is shining through them and you can see the sparkles glowing from their eyes. The smile is the one from the heart and their soul is just so bright you can touch its light.

Sometimes my photos leave me speechless. And in these moments I not only know I did good work with lots of love but I know I met those special people. And it brings me a warm smile on my face which spreads down to my heart. And I get that special feeling that I just cannot describe. But that is the feeling worth living for. I am thankful for those people, their energy simply matches mine and at some moment we are all connected, we are one. Connected with the universal energy of love, which is flowing from mine soul to theirs … From theirs to mine. At this moment time stops and I live only for that moment. Moment of happiness and joy, moment of truth, moment of grace, moment of love.


Maybe my camera and me are here to remind you to be yourself. To have no fear to show your beauty and your happiness. Because only you can choose to be happy. This life should be nothing but happy because all the things are always OK and you are always where you should be in life.

I can always know that this people aren’t taking photos just to put them on Facebook right a way when they are going to get them, maybe they are even not going to put them there. My photos mean much more to them. A moment of their love caught in a photo. A photo reminding them who they are, why are they happy, why are they living for. A photo of seeing the true self. With all the perfect imperfections making them so special and beautiful.


Be beautiful and shine yourself,



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