All that we are not.

“All that we are is story. From the moment we are born to the time we continue on our spirit journey, we are involved in the creation of the story of our time here. It is what we arrive with. It is all we leave behind. We are not the things we accumulate. We are not the things we deem important. We are story. All of us. What comes to matter then is the creation of the best possible story we can while we’re here; you, me, us, together. When we can do that and we take the time to share those stories with each other, we get bigger inside, we see each other, we recognize our kinship – we change the world, one story at a time…” ― Richard Wagamese



How often do you find yourself doing the things that you don’t like?

Doing something that doesn’t fit your values?

Doing the things that doesn’t make you happy?


My photography journey taught me a lot and it’s helping me to discover my true self. In the past I had many photoshootings, not all of them were who I was. But in last few years I learnt to trust myself and I found out we I really am. People asked me if I have a photo studio to create photos. I don’t. I worked in photo studio for about 5 years. And in these years I found out that is just not my style. My photography started with dog photography and nature. And this is the place where I can be creative, where I can feel the people’s energy. It’s somekind of sacret place, where miracles happen. I lived in city, but this is just not a place where I would fit. Of course I love walking in the city time to time and watching the people rushing by, feeling the city’s heart beat. But my heart belongs to countryside and nature. I live for walks in the woods with my dogs. I love waking up early in the morning, going out for a run in the nature and watching the sunrise.

I love going into the mountains and discovering little secret places. I love eating healthy food from my garden and collecting herbs. I am not that kind of girl who would hang out on drinks and talking about other people. I think everyone has his own story, his own path and we should not judge them. I love being alone with myself. I believe in ten rules of dharma. I seek for inner growth. And every day when I wake up I want to be a better person than I was yesterday.

So everybody who knows me and my work, find it as spontaneous, authentic and real. I love to catch the little moments in life that really matters. I love dreaming and making dreams come true. My camera is my magic wand with which I go into the new day. Usually it brighten the days of others, sometimes I’m running with it through the meadows, where I chase the butterflies … over the hills, where I can catch the first rays of the sun … in the woods, where I am looking for a small elves … and, of course, I make sparkles in the eyes of my dogs who are my life faithful companions. With my camera I draw the painting of my life and it is always there to remind me who I actually am.

I think it’s time to stop pretending who we want to be and it’s time for start living who we really are. ♡


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