Live your life and share your passion.

Usually smiling and full of energy. Sometimes in my own dream world, dreaming and full of plans. I love dreaming and making dreams come true. My camera is my magic wand with which I go into the new day. Usually it brighten the days of others, sometimes I’m running with it through the meadows, where I chase the butterflies … over the hills, where I can catch the first rays of the sun … in the woods, where I am looking for a small elves … and, of course, I make sparkles in the eyes of my dogs who are my life faithful companions. With my camera I draw the painting of my life and it is always there to remind me who I actually am.

Feelings, when I make people’s day with my photos are priceless. This is the path that leads me through life. Sprinkled with small tiny pebbles, white flowers, then again with fresh grass that shines in the morning dew … All this is my life. And all of You who I am meeting on my path… you enrich my life and you help me to keep on growing!


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