Ivett + David | maternity photoshooting

Love is happy and has no worries. It is lifted above the first glimpses of falling in love. It means growing. And the word “me” is losing its meaning and it’s changing to “us”. Love is an active process of accepting each other. Just as we are. And only love can do this. Accepting each other with all the imperfections, in good and in bad. Love is trust, loyalty, compassion and safety.

I loved every single moment with them. Ivett and David  came from Hungary and drove more than 6 hours to come to our beautiful Slovenia just for one day and to have a photoshooting with me. I felt nothing else but love.


Thank you Ivett + David for sharing your love, your happiness and the joy of living with me. I am happy that I made your dream of this photos came true. ♡ Now your baby boy is already in your hug… wishing you all the best. ♡


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