Weekly wrap-up


Wow, another amazing week. A busy one, but enjoyed every second of every photoshooting. And tomorrow the weekend is starting with a whole day wedding. The most exciting news is that I got my new USB keys with my new logo. Do you like them as much as I do?


At the moment I just took my dogs out for a short walk and and now sitting here and working on my photos. This is what my mornings looks like. Drinking a cup of coffee, dogs lying here at my legs under the table and I am browsing through the photos, editing them and making unforgettable memories.


This photoshooting was just one of my favorite this week. I took my dogs, packed my camera and drove to my friend Katja to take photos of her belly and her lovely family.


Phoebe and Free were having fun with Maks, while I was taking photos and they were the best assistants to bring out the real smiles – the one from the heart. :)


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