Chasing the light


“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home. . .
. . . And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

― Rumi


….winter days. Days when we appreciate the light so very much. When we have to face the darkness and we are searching for light. And darkness is a great opportunity to discover the divine face of the light. The light in sun, the light in stars. The light in evening candles. The little light in sparkles in the eye of our friend. And the light in our hearts.

As a child I loved reading White Fang and Kazan, the wolf dog, and since I was 15 years old I run with my dogs/wolves… It always made me feel free. Alive. Happy. Unbreakable. Peaceful. It made me feel ME. Especially in winter days I love running with my dogs. Running back to myself. And when I feel down or lost I just go out in nature and I run.

I don’t know what keeps you ALIVE, but it’s that for me.

And that is also one of the reasons why I love my dogs so much. Even when I don’t feel like running or just walking outside they force me to go out.

In nature.

On the mountains tops.

And it’s a place where I find myself.

And this is my journey.

I am sharing it with you. This is my journey or searching the light and letting it shine. All oveeeeer. Hope it reaches you too! And it makes you smile. :)

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