“She’s a dreamer, a soul searcher and a wanderer.
She drifts along, deep in thought her mind craving exploration
and her eyes telling tales of mysterious adventures.”

feather2When I was young my parents took me and my sisters to a flower park. But it’s not the park, nor the flowers I remember. The only thing I remember was a cute dog passing us while we were walking in the park. I stopped and I just watched his funny smiling face and I wanted to cuddle him. The park was really crowded and the next thing I remember is I was lost in big park. I started walking to the place where our car was parked. And on the way there my father came, looking for me. I remember this story often. I guess it’s just the part of me who loves to wander. Love to observe the little details in the world. Love to go for a walk in the wind and watch the leaves dancing in the air.

I wander when I need an inspiration. And it’s the nature which inspires me. Every single sunrise and every sunset. Every little star in the night sky. Every huge tree and every tiny stone. It’s like nature is feeding my soul and helping me to grow.

The Green DogsFebruary 3, 2016 - 19:03

Stunning! :D

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