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Wedding Aneja + Jani

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.” Sharing one of my favorite weddings from Goriška Brda. Two happy souls, writing their love story. I really have met a lot of people on my weddings, but I have […]

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“She’s a dreamer, a soul searcher and a wanderer. She drifts along, deep in thought her mind craving exploration and her eyes telling tales of mysterious adventures.” When I was young my parents took me and my sisters to a flower park. But it’s not the park, nor the flowers I remember. The only thing […]

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Be yourself.

8:17. Drinking my morning coffee. The one I got yesterday from one of my client. Actually she is not only client, we met few years ago and we became really good friends. We don’t meet often, but when we do, the energy is just so amazing. We smile, we hug and we can feel each […]

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The Spark

“…I can only look out into the world through my own eyes…” Last year, in March 2012 I got an email from Norway: “My name is Owen and i’m writing to you from snowy Norway to ask if i might be able to use one of your photos for the front cover of my novel :)… Over […]

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Poroke 2012 ♥ Weddings 2012

O tem vnosu premišljujem že kar nekaj časa…od decembra 2012, ko pregledujem leto 2012 in načrtujem leto 2013. Bilo je čarobno leto! In neskončno se veselim leta 2013 in vseh sanjskih porok v letu 2013! Kajti že naslednji teden je tu otvoritev moje fotograske poročne sezone v tem letu – wiiiiiiiii! Thinking about this post […]

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