When everything changes…

If the house of the world is dark, Love will find a way to create windows.


It is sure of of the most changing time of our lives. Dealing with changes can be difficult and painful. We never know what changes bring and the changes pushes us out of our comfort zone and they face us with our deepest fears. We are just get used to the way things work and that is the way we feel safe. But if we look deeply… What our safety really is?
We are actually holding on to idea about what safe really is and what it should feel like. It is hiding our deepest fears. Fear of losing our money, fear of being homeless, fear of losing the one we love, our children, dogs, fear around mortality. And usually we react to those things as they were our enemy. But the truth is there is no safety in this world. It is just a big game of our egos. Trying to keep us emotionally safe, physically safe and financially safe. I already wrote about changes and safety here in my blog when I was facing cancer of my dad and when we were without electricity for a few days because of the sleet. And I will copy-paste the text again.

Changes are part of our life. Everything in our lifes goes around, and after darkness there comes a light – always. And things go wrong, so we can appreciate them when they are right. Actually all failure, loss, illness or pain is always our greatest teacher. It gives us a lesson to let go of false self-images and gives us depth of life, humility, compassion. It makes our life more real. From higher perspective every condition is always positive. Actually they are not positive nor negative. They just ARE. We must learn the total acceptance of what it is.  …there is no “good”, there is no  “bad” in your life . There is only a higher good — which includes the “bad.”

At this moment I am just grateful for everything that is happening. It is finally time to slow down, to look deeply into who we really are. Time to really connect with ourselves. With our Soul. And at this point you can ask yourself: “Who am I if everything I have is taken away from me?” We aren’t our bodies, we aren’t our memories, we aren’t our thoughts, we aren’t our feelings… We are the only thing that is permanent, without labels.

You see, sometimes we are emptied.

We are emptied because Life whants us to know

so much

more Light.

“What is it that you were given” – Em Claire

So expand your trust. Expand you awareness of what it is.
We are nothing. We are everything.
We just are.
It is time of great changes, and yet everything is perfect.
Be in love. Be in compassion. Be deatached. Be in Now.
Create the world You want to live in.
Be Awake, because now it is the time to wake up to who we really are.


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