Potovanje. | A journey.

“All of us are on a journey. On a quest to know who we really are. To express our full creative potential. To discover how much love we can give and receive. On that journey we all must face challenges and for many the greatest challenges lies within. . .”

Louise Hay




It’s funny how every single thought is creating our future. Life gives us challenges all the time. But only as big as we can handle. In the beginning of the year we started to face a cancer in our family. It was THE beginning of a big step on our road, our journey of life. With all that twists and turns, we are just searching who we really are. But I guess it was just the moment when little miracle began to happen. A beautiful transformation from caterpillar to a BUTTERFLY. And yes, like I wrote – “And just felt so very grateful for this moment. Grateful to be. Grateful to feel. Grateful to breathe. And grateful to know that everything is going to be OK.” And now after 9 months things are OK. They are just as they should be. Hard times made us STRONGER and teach us to be GRATEFUL.

We actually live in our minds. And the world we see is just a reflection of our minds. We decide or is it a state of fear or a state of love? So, what do you see? :) Miracle is always there. We just have to look on everything as a miracle. And then miracles begin to happen.

Have a very nice weekend,







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